I love Cambridge Folk festival so very much. :) More than just a bunch of people with bagpipes, accordions & fiddles. :p #cff #cff14

Anonymous asked:
Jesus you're preachy, hope you don't hurt your arm patting yourself on the back, just out up more nudes, instead of selfie after selfie after selfie, for someone who suffers with her image you come as a vain fucker, And I'm sure you're gonna have a smart arse answer, i don't care for your response

Jealousy is ugly, and I highly doubt you felt happy sending me that message. What’s the point of it? The fact that you know I post selfies every few days is a little bit sad, if you hate me so much. If my face is so upsetting, cry elsewhere. I don’t care. If someone has issues with their image, why should they be called ‘vain’. Insensitive, much? You can say you don’t care about my response all you like, and you can try and convince yourself of it but the fact that you’ve sent me the message in the first place tells me that you’re a pathetic liar. ;-) Ooh dear, your caring is showing through.

PS my face is fucking awesome. I have shit hot cheek bones and a perfect pixie nose. Call me vain but I don’t let people like you lead me to sleeping on my nose to squash it any more. :D

Self love is where it’s at!

Wow, the past month has gone so quickly! Time for another Q&A video! Leave your questions below now!

Anonymous asked:
we're you raped by the same person multiple times or diff ppl? I'm constantly judged for it being the same person

A combination. One was an ex boyfriend. He was only trialed (and sent to prison) for one of the rapes. People are wrong for judging you for it happening more than once by the same person. People don’t seem to understand how someone can have an emotional hold over you with things like this. To blame you or judge you in any way for it is purely ignorant. :(

Does anyone know where I can get a lace front wig with a parting that has the skin patch underneath? I’ve been looking for ages but can’t find anything. :(

Anonymous asked:
Where are you from? :)

I live in Cambridge but I was born in Bristol and have lived all over. :D

Anonymous asked:
is there a particular food you miss from when you were non-vegan? I found it most hard to transition away from fish

Hmm. No, not any more. I miss being able to eat what I wanted, when I wanted. Going into a shop and just grabbing something. But it’s not really something I miss, I don’t feel bad about not eating meat over it. I feel bad that places don’t cater for vegetarians and vegans. For a while I missed sausage rolls but I’m well over that now!!

Anonymous asked:
How is your name pronounced? Maya, Maha or Ma-zha? :)

None of them. It’s kind of like ‘Mya’, but not quite.

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