Anonymous asked:
I have been raped twice, both times by women. I spoke out about it once and it got me kicked out of collage. The second time I decided to just speak out to my friends and they told me I shouldn't drink so much if I don't want to be taken advantage of. Am i over reacting over something stupid or not? Both times I verbally and physically stated I did not want intercourse and was ignored.

You’re not overreacting. Rape is rape and you didn’t even have to say ‘no’ for it to be considered rape. People who say you are overreacting don’t understand what has happened. I don’t know your gender, but gender aside, people view rape by women as something humorous or just less bad than rape by men. It’s for a variety of reasons and it has to do with viewing women as weak or unable to cause harm on the same levels as men. Do any of my followers have any links that may help here? Perhaps to information on gender roles of men and women and how this affects how seriously (or not) society often takes rape by women?

Sorry I don’t have much advice, but just know that you aren’t overreacting. Your feelings are your own and nobody else’s and therefore nobody has the right to say your feelings are invalid or wrong in any way!

Anonymous asked:
I'm 14 and last November (2013) was when the man that had hurt me finally stopped. He's been hurting me since September of 2011. He's done it to me more than 14 times within those years. What can I do to make myself feel comfortable being outside without worry that he'll come back? Thank you.

It can be difficult with things like this because realistically you can’t know that this person won’t come back. I have struggled with seeing people from my past out and about, as well as the potential that one person may be released from prison to a state I am often in.

Given that we know we can’t completely avoid seeing people again, we can prepare ourselves mentally for these events. I’m not sure how best to advise you as I don’t know about your specific situation. I also don’t know what you mean by ‘come back’; do you mean he might be back in your life somehow? Or that he will be back living in the city you will? Different situations would require different responses.

If you are able to see a counsellor or therapist, they may be able to help you. Cognitive behaviour therapy is also something you might be able to look into and teach yourself, but is not for everyone!

Anonymous asked:
Thank you so much for your rape video - I was raped by my ex-boyfriend and had been made to feel like it wasn't rape by him because I was in a relationship with him at the time. It still gets to me every day and your openness about it doing the same to you has made me feel more confident in confiding more in my current boyfriend about it. Thank you so much, you're truly inspiring xxx

Thank you so much for these words. It’s really hard to come to terms with things like this in the past, especially when others have done things that we find immoral. If you ever want to talk about anything then let me know. :) I’m sometimes slow at replying when I’m not somewhere I’m able to use my laptop - which is days or weeks at the moment until I get somewhere to live sorted. Sorry about that.

Anonymous asked:
Would you ever do a video on transitioning from a meat water to vegan?

Sure, why not. I’m not currently vegan but I think it’s important that people know how to be if they wish to transition. Most people could live perfectly healthily on a vegan diet. I just can’t digest a hell of a lot of vegan foods (beans, falafel, houmous, the list goes on). But yeah back to being a pescetarian but not having eggs. That said, IF there are vegan options I am able to digest then I will always opt for those. :)

Just thought I should actually let people know about this because I know someone is gonna see me in the street eating something non-vegan and think I’m faking it. It’s not about that for me; I care deeply about the issues of the dairy industry and meat industry, and I’m continuing my research into my own illnesses whilst waiting on the doctors to bother to refer me to a dietician. In the meantime, I am just going to do my best to be the best I can within the restrictions of my diet. Plus not having anywhere stable to live at present means I’ve not seen a ripe banana in about a month.

But yes, always happy to help anyone with becoming vegan because it’s really great in many ways.

Anonymous asked:
When do you think you will be answering the questions pertaining to your video? (The one about you being open to your past experience with rape) no mean to rush just curious :)

I’ve been answering them slowly but I got quite a lot so it’s taking some time. I’ll answer some now.

Anonymous asked:
have you been in london this weekend?! i thought i saw your today!

Yeah, I was! Just went to a shoot with my friend, Shelly. :)

Anonymous asked:
what symptoms did u have? cuz i think i have it too for about some months now..i dont have heatburn but i feel like sth is stuck in my throat and cant swallow sm solids properly..

I have no idea what you might have; I’d go to the doctor. GERD symptoms involve chronic heartburn (acid reflux) so if you don’t have that it would be improbable you have GERD. Ask a doctor though as I wouldn’t be able to help you at all.

Anonymous asked:
you have gerd?if so for how many years?

Yeah, 8 years but have had surgery because I was going to get Barrett’s.

Anonymous asked:
Hi! You seem really lovely and I just wanted to say hello. Thank you for your video about being open about your rape. I'm fairly open about mine, but its hard when I have no one to be open to... I love how eloquent you are with regards to being a victim, and "having the card". I love the idea that we own our cards and it is okay for us to show them, and not always hold them close to our chest. I hope you're having a good day. X

Thank you. :) I love the analogy. And it’s great it’s come from nasty people saying victims are ‘playing the victim card’.

Anonymous asked:
What was your favorite meal in Thailand?

Massaman curry I would say! I also had some amazing tempura mushrooms. :) Oh but mangosteen and lychee were my above all favourite. But not a meal.

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