Being good to each other is so important, guys.

detectiveofthegarrison asked:
Your hair and photographs are do stunning. Do you make the latex dresses?

Thank you so much! ♥ Yes, they are all by me unless otherwise credited.

Anonymous asked:
Lets say I made a mistake, a big one; I lied, and that lie led to others. There is no justification to my lie, but it was out of fear and desperation and it was selfish. I want to fix it. I lied to someone I loved and the guilt is killing me. I'm scared they will know and leave. I'm terrified but want to make it right, I am just scared of what will happen. I know this is random, but do you have any advice? I admire who you are and was curious?

Just tell the truth. It WILL lead to people being upset with you, but that’s something you will have to face if you genuinely care about the people in your life who have been affected. You can’t claim you care on one hand and on the other refuse to let go of what you have created. I know you care about them but continue to lie will do nothing but hurt them more.

If you want to hurt them more, carry on with the lie. If you want to start over, tell them the WHOLE truth. Part truths don’t work because they only relieve guilt for a short while and lead you right back to where you started. This time, though, you’ll end up feeling even MORE guilty because you will have told them you’ve told them everything.

It’s not worth it. If the people you have affected are meant to be in your life in the long run, they may forgive you. But just remember that if you don’t come clean or you tell half truths or white lies, you will only be showing that you care more about your own feelings and shame levels more than you care about them.

Whilst you should care about yourself and take care of number one before anyone else, there is a stark difference between taking care of yourself and taking from others; in lying, you are doing the latter I am afraid.

Anonymous asked:
You're such an inspiring and wonderful human being. A gorgeous woman who has won. You are winning in life, in many ways others are not. No one can ever be as friendly and kind as you are. Its always sad seeing judgemental people who only like bringing others down because of whatever reason as we are all human beings who want respect and love so why do we hate so much? It's amazing to see that someone like yourself has been through so much, and still you maintain yourself so well, God bless you x

Thank you; I try and be compassionate and respond well to everyone but it doesn’t always work haha! I guess I get a bit frustrated with the world sometimes. I know that if we all worked together the world could be a nice place, but people are so bloody stubborn! I know I can be sometimes. Thank you so much! 

I am now taking orders for prints! I have many images available; feel free to inbox me with your requests; the first orders will be posted out this week!

Anonymous asked:
I just wanna say that I think you are SO beautiful. Honestly, you have such a beautiful and kind heart. That's what i think makes a person look beautiful. You have such a good sense of humour and have been through so much but I wouldn't know. There must have been SO much your poor soul had to suffer before becoming this beautifully independar kindhearted woman. May you stay blessed and I truly wish for a lifelong eternitity of happiness for you! Much love Maja <3

Thank you for your kind words. ♥ I’ve been through things, but then others have been through a lot worse and I’ve seen them come so far. But I do really appreciate this message. :) I must admit I feel a bit odd; I feel like a normal person, I hope you guys realise that. x

Anonymous asked:
I had a dream where I found out u died and I started crying badly because I always wanted to meet u and thank you for helping me so much and one day ( if I have the courage to do it) model for u one day

That sucks! Thank you so much, though. :)

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