Anonymous asked:
I'm confused as to what is rape... where do you draw the line? If my boyfriend is sleeping and I try to touch him, is that rape? He's asleep, but I'm sure he wouldn't care. Also, once a friend of mine started to touch me while I was asleep, and I didn't notice. She told me the next day and I wasn't mad... but is that rape?


It depends on what the ‘touching’ is and whether you said you/he consented to the touching beforehand. But yes, if you touch someone sexually whilst they are sleeping it is sexual assault; if you insert fingers, an object or a penis then it is rape.

I have lots of asks right now! I won’t be able to reply for a while because I feel really ill, am moving house and am a bit nervous about having posted my new video. But I care about you ALL and will reply as soon as I am able. Some asks may be answered before others because some things take me days to even think of how to approach answering, as sensitive topics take a lot of care and consideration. I hope you understand. ♥

I’m really nervous about this! It’s my first serious video but I wanted to do it. Support is really appreciated on this one. Feedback is appreciated, too. ♥

If anyone is willing to reblog this, I’d also be grateful. :)

Anonymous asked:
Do you ever feel bad when someone offers you food and you must deny because it isn't vegan? For example, you go over to someone's home for dinner and they cook only non vegan food... and you deny it, would you feel bad?

That never happens! I always make sure people are informed beforehand. I tend not to let people cook for me as people have got it wrong before. Sometimes people offer me snacks and it’s awkward, but I don’t feel bad.

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"All these young girls getting themselves pregnant"

Wow, self impregnating teenage girls, these men should be afraid, we as woman are evolving at alarming rates.

Anonymous asked:
Why do you play the victim card so much?

Because go fuck yourself?

In all seriousness, when someone is a victim of something, then can play that card because it’s THEIRS to play. Why should someone feel guilty about having feelings? I can only assume you’re talking about my speaking up about rape, as that’s the only thing I really speak of that I consider myself a victim of. Rape sucks a lot and when victims are told they aren’t allowed to play that ‘card’, it invalidates their feelings.

So just stop already.

Anonymous asked:
You're lucky you get to travel so much! Well, I used to think that... but now I realize it's not luck that got you there... It's your hard work! You're a good role model! Thank you

It’s partly luck! I work hard and my work takes me all over the world. But being at university means I get a student loan, which allowed me some more travel than usual! Thank you.

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