Anonymous asked:
I hope u have/had a lovely day

How very kind of you. :) It’s been rather rubbish. I’m about to go to bed and have slept most of the day away because of my medication, but never mind. :)

Anonymous asked:
My girlfriend of 2 years recently told me she was abused when she was young. It was 20 years ago and she has told me that it's behind her and not something that defines her. Before she told me we had an amazing sex life, but since I have mentally and physically been unable to perform. She's completely confused by it and so am I.

If she’s comfortable talking about it, it might be worth you sitting down and trying to talk about any worries you may have. It may be more useful for you to talk to a counsellor about this either alone or with your partner, depending on what she prefers. Whether she is over it or not, I suppose it’s her choice to talk to you about it or refrain from doing so and, naturally, you have to respect that choice.

Perhaps you could try a different approach to intimacy, if you do want to be intimate with her of course. It’s hard for me to offer much advice without knowing your situation. However, I have always found it’s useful to sit and chat about what the problem is in the moment. It seems weird, but it can sometimes be helpful; it’s good to discuss things in a way that lets everyone know it’s okay to not want to have sex, to feel confused about things and so on. It might help you find out what you need in order to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.

I also want to add that a healthy relationship may or may not include sexual intimacy and that something is only a problem if you feel it is a problem for you. If you genuinely do not feel you are able to be intimate with her again then that might be difficult for you both but that’s okay as well. It can be hard to support someone who has been through something such as abuse, but it is also okay for you to say that it’s overwhelming and that you don’t know how to cope with it. It’s a lot better than trying to deal with something that is beyond what you’re truly able to deal with.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you wish to ask more questions and I’ll do my best to help out.

detectiveofthegarrison asked:
The dresses are gorgeous, you've quite the talent. I'm an aspiring photographer, what tips would you give someone just starting out?

Be critical of your work. I’ve met many photographers with ‘30 years of experience’ who look like they just picked a camera up yesterday. Always look for ways to improve; there is no perfect image.

Second to this, my advice would be to get a good lens and if you can’t afford one, get a cheap prime lens.

After that, my advice would be to master natural light and make use of reflectors; they are cheap and really good at what they do.

If you are going to be using studio lights, it’s worth investing in quality lights. Good luck!

Anonymous asked:
What are your favourite recreactional drugs to take?

I’m not going to disclose that information. Many people experiment with drugs but it is absolutely not something I am able to do; I would love to do so but my mental health suffers greatly if I take them, even if it’s on a very rare occasion. I am trying to heal my digestive system, my chronic headaches and my mental health problems and drugs definitely make this worse. I am very wary of legal drugs and especially abstain from any and all opiates, especially when doctors try to give me them!

Taking regular exercise has become what is best for my mind. It literally changes the way you think and makes you feel happier when you do other things in life.

Anonymous asked:
My boyfriend or the guy I love has for years verbally put me down. It tools years of me reading your blog to have to the courage to not take it personally and retaliate but to listen, understand and stand up for myself. I guess... you taught me to fight my battles without fighting the person if that makes sense? So thank you. Just know you made a difference, your courage made a difference

This message means so much to me. It’s really hard to know how to handle situations but it sounds like you’ve been growing as a person and I hope you continue to do so. I am so very glad I could be of help. :) ♥

Anonymous asked:
I need some advice. I've been with my boyfriend for about 18 months and I love him dearly but he constantly grabs me down there when we're watching tv or just chilling or starts rubbing it and when I say can you not he gets offended and says "but doesn't it feel nice"?. He also proper gets the hump when i turn down sex and won't talk to me, even tho he knows I've got a lot going on atm so my sex drive isn't exactly high. This isn't right is it? I've tried talking but it never gets anywhere :(

No, it’s absolutely not right. I can’t tell you what to do but this is worrying behaviour on his part. He should absolutely respect you and never touch you intimately without your consent. Many couples are okay with touching without warning but many, many people are okay with it. It is something that should be mutually and enthusiastically agreed upon by both parties beforehand. It’s clear you are upset by his behaviour and it’s clear he doesn’t care about your feelings on these occasions. It’s unfortunate and not uncommon for men to think that this behaviour is okay. It’s fairly normalised in society. Some people are able to understand that we do not have an obligation to our partners to have sexual activity with them. It seems as though he isn’t getting the message.

My advice to you would to be to get away from him; you are number 1 and your feelings matter more than anyone else’s in your life. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck. But yes, what he is doing is wrong. ♥


Being good to each other is so important, guys.

detectiveofthegarrison asked:
Your hair and photographs are do stunning. Do you make the latex dresses?

Thank you so much! ♥ Yes, they are all by me unless otherwise credited.

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