I have a new video up, featuring Shelly d’Inferno and I shooting with J. Isobel De Lisle photography! I still haven’t finished the other video I said I was working on, but I’m close - subscribe to my channel as that will be up next week!


My YouTube videos are all BACK! Subscribe to me on YouTube for all of my video updates.

I have a new video coming tomorrow from my Thailand trip! One clue is that it’s gonna be CUTE, lots of CUTE! Like adorable not sexy cute, which is the best kind. So subscribe and don’t miss out :p


Wow, the past month has gone so quickly! Time for another Q&A video! Leave your questions below now!

30% off of all my latex designs! Made to measure, custom orders, etc!

Check out the mega summer sale in my shop now! 30% off of EVERYTHING! 

Did you see my Q&A video yet? If not, check it out now and let me know if you have any questions for my next video! http://youtu.be/e59U98gCUbo

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