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Welcome to my personal blog! This is the place I update most frequently, where I post my innermost thoughts and feelings. If you want to know more about me, as well as see my new photo sets, follow me here! I also post random jokes, political things and cute animals.

TW: Discussion of sexual abuse is currently a topic coming up a lot on my blog. Many asks contain such content.


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New video is up! The modelling video I WAS going to upload was corrupt about half way through.  I’ll reshoot it. 

Any video requests/suggestions? Don’t forget to ask me questions for my Q&A video for the end of the month!

Check out this new video by That Jam/Flex-Film for Long Clothing that I was in! Had such fun taking part in this and would love to do more video work!

Look out for my new video later today on my YouTube channel! It’ll be the final part of my introductory modelling videos; I’ll be making some more in future on topics you want me to talk about. :)

New image by DollyBones, MUA/model: Maja Stina
Makeup by Sugarpill

Photo: Joseph O’Brien Photographer
Model/MUA/pasties/retouch: Maja Stina
Corset/bolero: Boom! Boom! Baby!
Trousers: Tatjana Warnecke

Get 25% off of everything in my online store for the next seven days, including on customer orders! Get your sexy new latex now, at a bargain price! ;-) 

I’m going to be doing monthly Q&A videos on YouTube! Inbox me your questions (mention it’s for YouTube somewhere) and I will answer them (and mention you if you are not anon and want to be mentioned) in a video in a couple of weeks from now!

Part 2 of my modelling advice videos is live! Check it out!

New video! Clarisonic face brush review. :D 

New video! How to be an alternative model!

Another new photo. Want to see more from this set?  I have some with just the corsets on, which are by Gore-Couture. The dress is by me.

Also, you don’t need professional equipment to take awesome photos; this was taken against my living room wall with NO lights, not even on camera flash; it’s natural light.  Would you be interested in a video tutorial on this kind of thing? Or might anyone be interested in photography one-to-one sessions or workshops? I can do this for both photography as well as Photoshop and other programmes.  Let me know what ya think either way? 

'How to be an Alternative Model' will be my next YouTube video, up later today! Any specifics or questions I need to answer for you?

New video! Raw vegan update. :3

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